Financial Abundance for Holistic Professionals

Get clear and organized with your money to feel ease, aligned flow, and empowered. Learn practical financial skills, transform your relationship to money, and live your most joy-filled, abundant life


Financial Coaching for Holistic Professionals

In our work together, we focus on getting clear and organized with your finances and how this is connected to your heart's work in the world. We'll create and implement a personalized plan to help you reach your financial goals. Then with the pragmatic tools and money management in place, we explore your money story and how you want to be in relationship with money moving forward. Based on your individual financial goals, we work on both the inner and outer realms of how you relate to money and the understanding how these two realms are not separate but in fact very intimately connected. In our work together, I'll help you reach your goals and gain a better mastery of understanding money so you can fully embody your heart's work and passion in a way that feels financially abundant for both today and the long term.

Business Development Coaching

For entrepreneurs, we'll create an individualized plan to address your business development goals, marketing strategy, and cash flow projections to plan for expected business income and expenses. In working together, my goal is that you learn the skills, tools, and habits that will give you a solid foundation for bringing your business dreams and visions into embodied reality so you can live your most abundant life doing the work you love in the world.


About Sara Arredondo, MS 

For Herbalists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Therapists, and holistic professionals; I help you get clear, organized, and empowered with your finances and relationship to money. For entrepreneurs, I also provide business development guidance, education, and accountability support so you can fully embody your heart's work and passion in a way that feels financially sustainable and abundant for both today and in the long term.

I've been coaching and mentoring individuals to overcome obstacles for over ten years, and I've been been consulting entrepreneurial business owners in articulating financial goals and cash flow projections for over three years. I have a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management with a focus in Financial Management and Leadership. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing because I wanted to learn how to connect holistic visionaries with people who would benefit from their services.

Financial education is empowering. I love connecting people with resources and providing financial education. Having experienced a profoundly transformational shift in my relationship with money over the past decade, I share this work with people on the journey of understanding how the sacred power of money can help them fully embody their soul's purpose and offer a sustainable form of service to their clients and the world.

Live your most joy-filled, abundant life