Financial Coaching

In our work together, I'll help you clear your financial blocks and get organized and empowered with your finances and relationship to money. We'll create and implement a personalized plan to help you reach your financial goals. Then with the pragmatic tools and money management in place, we'll explore your money story and how to shift your inner relationship with money moving forward. Based on your individual financial goals, we work on both the inner and outer realms of how you relate to money and understanding how these two realms are not separate but in fact very intimately connected. In our work together, I'll help you reach your goals and gain a better mastery of understanding money so you can fully embody your heart's work and passion in a way that feels financially abundant for both today and the long term.

“Working with Sara has been a truly transformative gift. When we started our work I felt contracted, insecure, and fearful around all things related to money. After just five weeks there has been a profound internal shift for me - I’m now feeling more expansive and empowered around money

and this inner transformation is reflected in my outer world as I am learning to have open and honest conversations about finances and several income opportunities have come to me, as if by magic, during the weeks we’ve worked together. If you think of money as energy then Sara has helped me to clear the blockages in my money channel so that energy can flow more freely. Sara is such an incredible coach - her passion for the work will inevitably help to stoke your own fire and she beautifully blends practical actionable steps with thought-provoking and inspiring spiritual principles.” - Halie

"Working with Sara left me not only feeling empowered to set and achieve financial goals,

but helped me recognize that tending to my own financial health is not greedy and selfish but very much an act of self care and self love. Sara's non-judgmental and welcoming approach allowed me to to explore my inner beliefs about money in a way that felt intentional, accessible, and in alignment with my values as a woman, mental health provider, and professional. For anyone looking to adjust their relationship with money, I highly recommend working with Sara." - CS